Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yum-O in the Tum-O!

Yesterday we spent running around to doctor appointments. Andrew had two different dental appointments, Finley had a urologist appointment and Kieran had his four month check up at his pediatrician. For once, I was the only one without an appointment! lol

The day started off with Finley's appointment. Not such good news... Looks like Finley will have to have another surgery. I was hoping this wasn't the case. Please pray for my boy and that this surgery goes well. It isn't scheduled yet.

Later in the day it was time for Kieran to see Dr. Herman. He did well! He was passed out asleep when the nurse asked that I wake him and strip him down to be weighed. Surprisingly, he woke up smiling and had a good "chat" with the nurse. He and the nurse started a lovely, but short-lived friendship.

His stats:
Weight: 15 lbs., 8 ozs.
Height: 24 1/2 inches
Head Circ.: 16 1/2 inches

After being weighed, the nurse said Dr. Herman would be in shortly. When he came in, he checked him out and said he was doing well. He also said we could start teaching him to use the spoon with a little rice cereal whenever we wanted to as he seemed ready to start learning. He explained that, at this point, feeding from a spoon is really just learning to eat off of a spoon and not for nutrition yet. His nutrition should still come from his formula. We already knew this from last year with Finley, though.

Soon after the doctor left, Kieran and the nurse's friendship ended as she gave him his shots. He burst out into tears and looked at her like "I thought we were friends!" It was heartbreaking but Mommy got to calm him down with hugs and kisses. It's good to be the hero sometimes. :)

So, anyway, last night we decided to try Kieran on the spoon with a little super watery cereal. Here is how it went

Wait, Daddy, gotta pose for Mommy! This is going down in history!

What's this? Medicine?

Woah, that wasn't medicine!

I want more!

Mmmm, Yum-O in the Tum-O!

Daddy, it's all over my face. How embarrassing! Let me wipe my face before Mommy takes another photo!

How's that, Mommy?

No more food? Can I eat my bib?

And here I am this morning. Mommy said it's not nice to stick out my tongue!

So, how about a smile? Have a great day!