Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wear Me Out Wednesday!

Today Grandma Sue and Papa Ben came into town to visit. We had a yummy lunch at P.O.'s (burgers and fries) then went to HEB to shop. We enjoyed tasting all the samples... that's a field trip in itself lol! Grandma and Papa Ben are from small town Texas so they were impressed by the cool stuff at our new HEB. Finley was just impressed by the balloons!

The day really wore poor Finley out... He was playing in his play yard and got really quiet all of a sudden. I looked down and there he was... poor guy fell asleep in mid-play! (Yes that's an HEB sticker on his back. Papa thought it was cute. It started out on his forehead! lol)

He slept like this for awhile and was ready to go again! He was in a really good mood today so I am hoping those pesky molars are not hurting him as bad as they were.

He was in a great mood this morning as well watching the Olympics. He was enjoying a sippy of milk and a Cheerios snack before his bath. I usually don't let him hang in just a diaper but poor Kieran's reflux was awful today and he really needed mommy before I could finish dressing Finley so, being the trooper he is, Finley said he'd feed himself breakfast, catch the game and hang out til I was ready. What a good boy!

Kieran had a tiring day as well and passed at after a good bottle in Grandma's arms...

Now it's time for mommy to pass out!

Goodnight all!