Monday, August 25, 2008

Finley's 16 Month Birthday!

Wow, I can't believe it, but my little (oldest) baby boy is 16 months old today! I got to thinking how much he's grown and what all he's gone through in his life so far and wanted to do a little post about it since I didn't know about the wonderful world of blogging when he was born.

Here is my sweet boy before he entered the world...

Finley was born on April 25, 2007 after 7 weeks of bedrest for me. I had high blood pressure issues that threatened pre-eclampsia. Thank God I never got it. I was induced on the 25th but ended up with a c-section since Finley just didn't really wanna come out and see the world yet! lol

Here I am pregnant with him at one of my showers... The second one is me with one of my sisters, Aimie, and my mom.

Here he is right after he was born ...

Here are a few of my favorite pics of him when he was a wee one...

He was 6 lbs., 13 ozs. and 18.75 inches long at birth. Soon after birth he started spitting up a lot. This only got worse and progressed into all out projectile spewing by his 4 week birthday. Long story short, he ended up at Texas Children's that night and had emergency Pyloric Stenosis surgery the next morning. Praise God the surgery went wonderfully and he was home in 3 days. After that, he started growing like a weed!

Finley was also born with a little urological issue and had to have two surgeries for that (in December and January). By the grace of God, those also went great. (Love those Texas Children's Hospital surgeons) Through it all he never stopped smiling. He is my oldest, sweet, smiley boy for sure. I guess it is fitting that the Gaelic meaning of his name is "Fair Warrior". It is also very fitting that the English meaning is "Sunbeam". Could Andrew and I have picked a better fitting name for our baby boy? He was and is definitely a sunbeam even when he had to fight illness like the fair warrior that he is!

Another wonderful memory is from when I was still working out of the home and he went to baby school aka daycare. Each day when I picked him up the ladies would say "Thanks for letting us have Finley today, he's such a joy, always teaching the other babies to smile!" Made my heart happy for sure!

And, here he is this morning right soon after he woke up. He is always so happy to see me when I go in the room. His face is so happy/silly in this shot! Makes a Mommy's day!

Here is Finley this morning eating his Cheerios. He has his own language that I lovingly call "Finley's German"... He can have a whole big conversation like this. lol He knows what he is saying but no one else does! Luckily, he does speak some English too, but when he gets on a "Finley's German" roll, he just talks away!

Hope you enjoyed the stroll back over the last 16 months as much as I did.

Love you, sweet boy!


Stevie said...

Awe Shannon what sweet boy and journey it is!! I just love him to death!!! He is such a stinker!!!

Janell said...

aww such cute pics of finley! i'm glad I found your site! i love seeing your babies pictures. such handsome boys!