Saturday, February 6, 2010

While the Mommy Is Away, the Babies Will Play

I have been at Blissdom in Nashville since Thursday morning. In a way the time has flown. I have met so many people and learned a lot about blogging and relationships. I heard Harrick Connick Jr. play and met him. I even had my photo taken with him. On the other hand, I miss Andrew and the boys so very much that I can't wait to get home tomorrow night. Reports from home tell me about all their fun adventures with Grandmommy and Papa, Daddy and Grandmo and Papa Lowell. Just look at this photo Grandmommy sent me. What an angel! :)

You didn't think I would forget my sweet, lovable little Finley did you? Look at that sweet smile! Thanks Grandmommy and Papa for documenting their day and sending me updates. It makes my heart smile. Kiss em for me!