Monday, February 22, 2010

The Vintage Train and The Magic Chair

When Daddy was a little boy in the 1900s (in the early 70s), he won a train set. He thought it had been given away years ago. Imagine his surprise (and our utter delight) when Grandmommy found it at our our great-grandparents' house this weekend. Daddy fiddled with it until he got it working perfectly and then when we woke up this morning, it was like Christmas morning. We couldn't hold in our happiness.

See the little chair that Kieran is sitting on? That chair belonged to our daddy's daddy when he was a little kid. Mommy now calls it the "magic chair" because Kieran will sit still in it for long periods of time. Kieran NEVER sits still. Magic indeed!

Here's a video of the fun:

We think Daddy enjoys playing with this set too! He sure was happy when he saw his old train set along with some of his other childhood toys. We hope he will share with us. :)

Grandmommy also brought the old packaging to Daddy’s Fisher Price Little People plane. They don’t have what was in it (bummer), but Mommy was excited about the packaging. She wants to decorate our playroom in vintage toy photos and this will look cool when she’s done… or so Mommy says. We trust her!

Daddy also has a well loved Winnie the Pooh from his childhood and a cool Mrs. Beasley doll. We aren't allowed to play with those right now, but they are really cool. It's neat to see the toys Daddy liked as a child. Do you have a fun post about a toy from childhood? We'd love to read it. Just leave the link below. If you don't have a post, just tell us the story in the comments if you'd like.


Shop with Me Mama said...

My son LOVES choo choo trains! too cute!