Friday, February 26, 2010

Photos Glorious Photos

I take a lot of pictures. Well, that is a huge understatement. I think I am about to wear out my Canon point and shoot. That camera has seen things in the bottom of the diaper bag that no camera should see (crushed Goldfish and stale Cheerios, anyone?). :) Anyway, why do I take so many photos and appreciate those that help me out in this task?

I got to thinking about that today. Time is fleeting. It goes by beyond fast. I look at pictures taken of the boys (by me or their grandparents or their awesome babysitter, who took the photos in this post) and see just how much they've grown and changed in such a little time. We are so very busy living life, going to appointments and planning this and that, that sometimes we don't stop to truly enjoy the moment. By taking photos, and lots of 'em, we can relive that moment months or years down the road.

Another reason I love photos is to enjoy the moment when I can't be there. The photos in this post were taken by Jody of Got Babysitter?. I found her through my very good friend Mari who raved about her. Finley didn't do well in a traditional mother's day out, because he's wonderful and learns a little differently. She is kind, patient and loving and has been just what the doctor ordered for a few hours each week. I get a few hour break and the boys get to play in her huge yard and make crafts and cupcakes and interact with her sweet kids. I am not there though and, as most moms can relate to I am sure, I miss not seeing them experience things for the first time. She takes photos and gives them to me. That blesses me beyond words. Without these photos, I may never know Finley's sweet first meeting with her puppy dog or how he intently made his Valentine's art project. I would never know that somehow, someway, she got them to pose sweetly for the photo together on the swing.

I am also ever so lucky to have the best mother-in-law and father-in-law in the world. Without them, our weekly occupational and physical therapy visits would be much harder to swing. When I am not there, they are great about sharing photos like they did when I was in Nashville (see here).

Speaking of glue and markers, I recently found several great blogs and sites for crafts and preschool projects. You can see my favorites section at left if you'd like to check them out.

So, yes, this blog has always been and always will be very picture heavy. I hope you enjoy! I think they tell such a story.


Erin said...

Hi there!

Thank you again so much for stopping by my blog. I'm here to return the favor.

Your little ones are precious. And the photos are incredible. I've never been great at taking pictures.

I'm glad you have such a wonderful support system. My in-laws are not so great. Wish I could blog about that more...LOL

p.s. following you now!

Shannon said...

Thanks Erin! I appreciate your kind words and stopping by and following. I really like your blog and Vlog was awesome.

Aimie and Jason said...

I wish I could splurge on a good digital SLR...I would use Finley & Kieran as my models!

Anonymous said...

Aw!! Such little cuties!

I go through phases where I take a ton of pictures. Then I wont take any for a few weeks.

rmgales said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for stopping by. I always return the favor, and I love your blog. I have tons of pictures and I started another hobby, scrapbooking, to keep up with the pictures, lol.

Keep snapping, you will cherish the memories down the road.