Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well That's One Way to Stir the Frosting

The boys made cupcakes at Mrs. Jody's house. Finley found a tasty and easy way to help out. Mrs. Jody is awesome at taking photos of the boys while they are visiting!

Don't you hate it when your mouth is too small for the awesome cupcake you want to eat? Kieran is my eater. Boy does he love to eat. Can you believe one of his favorite foods is fresh cut green beans? Yep it is! Another favorite is blackberries.

The boys are learning so much every day and are such entertainers. Finley is walking so much on his own now and walks what we call his obstacle course all over the house. The funny part is he doesn't like doors open so he closes them all (including baby gates behind him). Then he has a little issue when he comes back around the "course". lol

Kieran likes to dance along with The Wiggles on Sprout and spin and kick with the Nutcracker ballerinas. He even tried to "skate" across the living room when watching Olympic speed skaters. When they skate off of the TV screen, he runs and looks behind the TV to find them. Classic! Such a comedian that boy is.


Katie said...

that frosting looks sooooo good!