Monday, February 1, 2010

Thomas and Percy Enjoy a Meal

Finley doesn't do much of anything without his best friends Thomas and Percy at his side. If he must do something without them, he will find someone in the house to "babysit" his beloved pals so little brother can't get to them. Here he is enjoying a meal while checking on his buddies.

This morning, we went to Finley's occupational and physical therapy appointments. He did really well, focusing on the tasks at hand. Today he spun on the special board they use to help his balance, he swung, played in the ball pit, sorted objects by color, jumped on a trampoline, showed off how many steps he's taking and much more. I am so proud. Kieran stays with Grandmommy and Papa Ted while brother is at therapy and he really enjoys being an only child for a bit.

Kieran likes his new friend Bucky. He is enjoying a drink of milk before falling asleep in this photo taken last week. I can't believe the boys will turn 2 and 3 in April. What will I do for their birthdays?