Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hot Temps and Hot Dogs!

This weekend we didn't have a lot of excitement since Finley hasn't been feeling great and Daddy has been sick as well. Finley ended up at the doctor on Friday with a high fever and Daddy ended up there today with the same issue. We did get to hang out with Grandmo and Pabba Lowell this weekend though. They were under mandatory evacuation due to Gustav so Finley and Kieran enjoyed hanging out with them. I think the grandparents enjoyed it as well. We took over Grandmommy and Pabba Ted's house (they are on vacation in California). Finley had a great time climbing up and down the couch and inspecting Daddy's shoes (Finley LOVES shoes) while Kieran did what he usually does (plot his next move while looking sweet in his bouncer!)

Last night we did sneak out for a few hours (sans Daddy... he still didn't feel good. Bummer!) and Finley enjoyed trying new foods at the community's Labor Day Picnic. He had a sno cone and hot dog and got a balloon. He really enjoyed watching everyone even though he was still a little tired from not feeling great. Kieran, of course, just kicked back and soaked it all in.


Jenifer said...

LOL! CUTE PICTURES!!! I love Finley's baseball shoes. Robeez, I assume?! :-) I bet they had a blast having all the family there. Sorry Finley and dad were sick though. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!!! xx hugs xx

Finleypotamus said...

They are like Robeez but I got them from a Canadian commpany. They are cheaper so I was able to get several pairs! Love em!