Sunday, September 7, 2008

Foto Fun! (Edited)

I was having fun taking photos today and I can't decide which effect I like. I am printing this for something... Which do y'all like out of each of the two sets? I like the crawling off shot because this is how I see Finley 99.9% of the time lol and I love the "forehead kiss" shot of him up against the fence. This is how he sometimes will kiss us when he's "not in the mood" for a regular kiss. I thought it was cool how he was doing this to his shadow.

Edit: 9/8/08 - Ok I added more with different crops edits so I did a slideshow. Comment me your faves :) I can never decide! lol


Lisa said...

i love the pics of Fin with his shadow!! i tried to show Holly hers but she just didn't get it!

Jenifer said...

I like the color ones and the one of his forehead in black and white. The one of him leaning on the fence is SO adorable!!!