Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Toys! What a Joy!

It's no secret that it's hot as I don't know what in Texas right now and has been all summer. I have been on the lookout for some outside toys for the boys (especially Finley) once it starts to cool down. Toys can be really pricey and since they grow out of them so fast I wanted to try and find something second hand that still had a lot of life left. Well, I put a "feeler" out and got a great great deal on a Little Tikes Swing Along Castle. I was so excited. We literally got it for 1/4 of the retail price and it's like new (and the super sweet lady that sold it to us delivered it!). Such a great neighborhood we live in. I had wanted one for Finley and Kieran for the longest.

Yesterday I decided to try it out. Finley really loved it. He isn't so sure about going down the slide by himself yet but I am sure he'll figure it all out really soon.

In addition, I got a Cozy Coupe off of Freecycle awhile back that is in "very loved condition" for free (Nothing a lot of scrubbing didn't take care of) and Finley had a blast playing with it as well. It was new to him, afterall!

And, you know, we are really blessed to have such good friends. Our sweet friend Rebecca gave Finley a Little Tikes Kitchen... He is working on his own cooking show as we speak. Any ideas on a title? lol Kieran enjoyed the swing (for a little while) but his favorite place (when at home) is in Mommy's arms.

So, if you have any old toys that your kiddos are no longer using, considering selling or donating them to friends or charity groups. They aren't doing much sitting in your garage gathering dust but out in someone's backyard or in their playroom they can brighten a little one's day and really help another Mom and Dad out! If you are looking for something to buy, check out second hand stuff. Many times it is like new.

I took sooo many pics that I had to do a slideshow. The dirty spot that appeared on Finley's face in the middle of taking these photos is courtesy of Mandy who was sure he needed a dirty puppy dog smoochie! I also posted a couple videos at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

(Tip: If you click any photo while it's the enlarged one it will take you to the full sized version if you want to see it closer)

And here are a few videos: