Monday, September 8, 2008

Flashback to Finley's First Days...

One thing I wish is that I knew about blogging long ago... like when I was on bedrest pregnant with Finley. I would've inundated y'all with posts on how bored I was lol. I decided it would be great to go back and do a review so that I can document some great times in our life that happened BB (before blogging). Here is the first in a series...

I decided I would go through pictures month by month and tell y'all a little about what was going on at that time. When I started looking through photos I saw photos I didn't realize were taken! Some of these I hesitated to post, because I look, um, lovely lol but they tell the real story so I decided to post them anyway.

I am a chronic hypertensive so that makes me automatically high risk. Add to that the fact that I was "dangerously" close to 35 with both of my pregnancies and that makes the risk higher. With my first pregnancy, we had a wonderful doctor, Dr. Jacobs in the Medical Center. Throughout most of my pregnancy with Finley we drove to the Medical Center through terrible traffic 1-2 times a week to see Dr. Jacobs and our perinatologist. It was an adventure for sure. I ended up on bedrest for the last 7 weeks. Totally worth it, though!

Finley Andrew was born Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 9:16 p.m. at The Woman's Hospital of Texas. He weighed 6 lbs., 13.1 ozs. and was 18.75 inches long. I was tentatively scheduled for an induction that day but when I first called they were full. They then called me a couple hours later and said they had a bed for me. It was a rainy morning and we fought the elements all the way to the hospital (I was worried they'd give my bed away since they were almost full). I was induced that morning but Finley didn't really want to come out quite yet. I ended up with a c-section that night. We hadn't announced his name beforehand so everyone was anxious to find out what we had chosen for him. We had decided on Finley not too long before he was born but had no clue on a middle name. We finally decided when he was a day old! Andrew is, of course, after his daddy.

I must say that I am so glad that Andrew and other family members and close friends thought to take so many photos because I was so medicated those first few days that it was all a blur. Going through these photos brought back so many memories. I even saw photos of things I didn't realize happened.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from when Finley was born. It sure was hard to narrow them down!

Daddy, Mommy and Finley not long after bringing him home. Do we look sleep deprived or what?

Mommy and Finley. Finley says, "No more pictures!" (Little did he know... He's a master "cheeser" now!)

The first time we unwrapped him. Look at that Baby Lojack! No one was running off with our baby!

Our last photo as a couple with no kids!

Daddy's first photo with Finley...

Finley Andrew sleeping like a sweetie in his Daddy's arms for the first time...

First photo with Mommy... (It was like 1:30 or 2 in the morning before we met so we were both tired! There were sooo many babies born that day that there was a line waiting for rooms so I was stuck in recovery for 4 hours and he couldn't come in there to meet me)

Dad all scrubbed up and ready for the c-section...

Getting his first stats done in the nursery (with family and friends looking on)...

Hello world!

Daddy kisses!

Opening his eyes finally!

Finley's first video....


I could post a thousand... It's a good thing we are in the digital age or I'd have to invest in film stock!

To be continued... (Next up, Finley's first month!)


Jenifer said...

Awwww! WONDERFUL IDEA, Shannon!!! What a sweet story. I loved seeing all the pictures. Brings SO many memories back! :-)