Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sit Down!

I sound like a broken record. Finley has figured out how to get unbuckled from his high chair and thinks it is fun to stand while he eats.

Here is our fives times a day conversation (three meals and two little snacks).

Me: “Sit down, please.”
Finley: “Drrr”

Let me translate: He doesn’t have a big vocabulary. Well, at least it’s not one English speaking folks understand. This is a catch all word that means general irritation.

Me: “Please sit down, you will get hurt if you fall.”
Finley: “Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

He then proceeds to sit down and eat a few bites. Thirty seconds later, a similar conversation ensues.

Me: “Why are you standing up again? Please sit down like Mommy asked you to!” (In a mildly irritated voice)
Finley: “Drrrrr, Dada!”
Me: “Daddy isn’t here, he’s at work so please sit down. If he was here he’d have the same issues with you standing up.”
Finley: “Dit Down!”

Um, what? That sounded just like actual words. The funny thing is that he DIDN’T sit down. I think he was commanding me to do so and leave him be.

Good thing his big boy seat is on order. I wonder how long it will take him to figure out how to get out of it?

Oh and for those that don't follow my review blog, here are some recent photos I took... Not sure but almost all the smiley shots were blurry. Here's a few of the better shots. I have a few more of Kieran I need to go through. There is just never enough time!