Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Excitement in Our House!

I am so proud of my boys. Finley is playing with his little Leap Frog radio he received for his birthday from his friend Jennifer and he is imitating the sounds so well. He just did the "d" sound great. He's been going around the house doing that and saying "d" words and now I know why.

And what is Kieran up to? Well, only standing up on his own without holding on and taking three steps right in front of my eyes (of course with no camera in sight) JUST NOW!!

I was shocked that he let go and just did that. He then fell down and didn't seem at all bothered that he fell down. Finley watched this all and laughed but then I saw him practicing his walking more (to perfect it). I bet he's thinking, "No way, Kieran will run past me!"

Update: While typing this, Kieran just did it again! I am bound and determined to get a photo or video!

Ok, just had to brag on my boys a bit. Now back to your regularly scheduled surfing, laundry or baby wrangling.