Thursday, June 25, 2009

Barney Saves The Day Again! *Updated*

My little Kierbear is sick. Poor thing! We have been to the doctor twice this week and he's on strong antibiotics, but he just looks so miserable. I wish I could take the sickness away. The X-ray says he has tracheobronchitis and the doctor said it is probably caused by a bacterial infection. He is cuddly and whiny. He also has a fever and drinks his bottles in sips (has to stop to breathe between swallows). He has dark little bags under his eyes. In short, he is just not himself. I know kids get sick and this is a normal thing kids and parents deal with, but I'd rather they not get sick, especially little ones that can't tell you where it hurts.

Nothing makes him happy except cuddles from dad (who is at work) and watching Barney. He actually laughed at that big purple dinosaur dancing a minute ago. Ahhh music to mommy's ears since it's the first laugh in days.

Figures, mommy is the one blowing his nose, giving him his meds, changing his diapers and loving him during the day, but Barney saves the day again!

I am going to go paint myself purple now. See ya!
Update: So, we went back to the doctor today and he has the flu in addition to a bacterial infection. Poor guy. He's sleeping it off right now.