Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 1

On Sunday, Nov. 23 we went to Nanny Susie's and Papa Ben's house for Thanksgiving lunch. We also got to see our Aunt Kimie (first time for Kieran) and Aunt Aimie. We had fun with Uncle Jason and meeting Dave too! Everyone spoiled us just like we like it! Here are some photos from the day. Mommy apologizes for being a bit behind. We keep her very busy and she gets behind on blogging. She promises to try and catch up.

Finley and Kieran

Note from Mommy:
As you can see, it was very tiring. Finley didn't even make it through lunch before he crashed in his highchair. He did enjoy the doggies who "walk" just like him though! And Kieran really enjoyed being held and entertained all day. Finley was on the go so there are not as many photos of him in this group. We had Kieran's dedication on Sunday and I also have tons of photos from the last week or so to share soon (including Thanksgiving day photos), but for now, I hope this will do. :-)

These are cool balls! I wonder if they bounce?!

Smile for the camera, Aunt Aimie! Good looks run in the family, huh?

That's a funny mouse!

Looks like we waited too long to get lunch on the table!

Aunt Kimie, Kieran and Dave. Aunt Kimie's cool like me! I had fun hanging with my aunts!


That was a funny joke, Aunt Aimie!

Hanging out on the couch with Papa Ben, Itsy Bitsy, Candy, Aunt Aimie and Uncle Jason is fun. We were trying to watch the game but Mommy insists on taking pics. You know how she is!

Candy walks on all fours, too, y'all!

The End (for now)...


Lindsey said...

What an adorable set of pics! I love the dog with the pink bow sitting on the shoulder... so cute! And of course you're all cute too! (great family photos below also!)