Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have Binks Will Travel...

I promise I didn't add anything to his formula... Good thing he was unscathed and unfazed (and so was binks... had we lost that there would've been issues) and went right on to the business at hand! :)

And here he is a week and a half ago the first time he tried the car out. He immediately knew how to work the key and steering wheel and open and close the door. Sound effects are courtesy of Finley!

Best free item ever! This is their favorite toy lately and they fight over it (Finley actually tried to pull Kieran out of it yesterday and then just climbed in on top of him when Kieran refused to budge)... Oh brother!


Erika said...

awww cute videos!!! Kieran is getting so big and so cute! i like how he didnt even care that he banged his face! strong lil guy!