Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Big Tree and a Big Weekend!

This past weekend was fun for the boys. On Saturday night, Mommy and Daddy went to a company Christmas party and had a great time while Finley and Kieran stayed with Grandmommy and Papa Ted. The boys had a great time, too. The boys told Mommy they are ready to go back and loved spending the night there!

On Sunday, we went to a local mall that had an ice skating rink and a big tree. We met Aunt Tami, Patsy, Aunt Jordyn, Aunt Kayleigh and their good friend Shania there and had a lot of fun! Finley had cheese pizza and said it was "mmmm mmmm dood!"

These pictures speak volumes. Enjoy!

I love my Jordyn!

Posing with the tree...

Aunt Tami and Finley...

Let me down, Kayleigh. I NEED to climb that tree!

Looking at all the pretty things...

Not really wanting to take a photo with the tree but Mommy insisted!

There it is... Pretty huh?


Pamela said...


You're a winner!