Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Houston, We Have.... SNOW!!?!!!?!

Huh? What? Did the bad place freeze over? It snowed in Houston this afternoon!

I am under the weather (Mommy) and was just getting out of a heavenly hot bath when my mother-in-law called to tell me it is snowing. WHAT!? I have never seen snow in Houston so I was so excited. I quickly put on a robe and grabbed my only awake (but hungry) child and made a (wo)man made hurricane in the bedroom to find some warm clothes. I bundled him up and drug him outside for the obligatory photos (yes still in my robe). Here they are...

What's this stuff?

I wonder if it will fall on my tongue?

I'm SOOOO over snow, Mommy!

Finley says, "What did I almost miss?" (Finley decided to take a three hour nap today and I couldn't get him to wake up! I guess the cold weather made him want to settle in for a long winter's nap so when he finally woke up the snow was almost gone. I had to take him out in his jammies and snap a few shots quickly before it completely melted. It wasn't very cold anymore once the flakes stopped falling)

What on earth is this? White rain?

It feels wet and cold, Mommy!

Disclaimer: And, yes, I know this is a pathetic amount of snow for many of you but humor us! We live in Houston where it NEVER snows so even one flake makes us want to go rent full ski gear and build a miniature snowman! It was actually falling pretty good but was hard to capture on the camera.


Anonymous said...

I've seen it snow in Houston! It was many many years ago when I live there. We drove from Ok to Houston in the worst weather. There was a foot of snow in Dallas that year. YEA for snow though!!!

Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly said...

I'm so excited. There's been small amounts all around us today (I live in deep east Texas) but none where we actually are. *sigh*

Jess said...

YAY For snow in Houston!! I'm still waiting on our three inches of snow and then spring.

Velia said...

OH wow snow. I thought Houston was like Florida. Shannon I'm from Chicago and I can not wait til I see snow again. Nothing like some nice pics in the snow and ofcourse your subjects made the shots great.

Susan said...

Your boys are sooo cute!! cool you got to see snow. I got to see snow in Vegas when I lived there years ago, that was crazy!! I saw snow in San Antonio once but I don't know if it was a fluke or not since I was only there for 8 weeks that one winter.

Erika said...

yikes snow!!!! how cool i didnt even know it snowed in TX! LOL i guess we should stay in FL!!!

Haasiegirl said...

they are so darn cute!!

check momdot today, you won a prize


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! How did I miss that you're in Houston??? I'M in Houston too! :)