Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kierieosity Korner: Things Learned Today

The boys learn things everyday, but today Mommy learned some things...
  1. Dogs like to eat new sippy cups full of fresh milk.
  2. Dogs like to eat diapers full of not so fresh, well, you know.
  3. Certain art supplies make a huge mess on children.
  4. Certain art supplies make a huge mess on rugs.
  5. Oxyclean is my friend. I need to buy stock in that company as much as I buy it.
  6. Dogs and children have a secret pact to cry, whine, scream and bark at precisely the exact same time each day.
  7. Telemarketers and door to door sales people have a special kind of ESP to detect when aforementioned dogs and children have just dozed off for a nap. That's when they decide to call or ring the doorbell.
  8. 17 month old toddlers have an uncanny ability to turn into mini-hurricanes and destroy a living room in 10 seconds flat.
  9. 29 month old toddlers have the wonderful ability to erase entire blog posts that mommy has spent an hour on before she thinks to save it. They do this with one key press while simultaneously closing the laptop lid.
  10. Two toddlers living under the same roof are hungry, thirsty, tired, wet and dirty at the same time. Amazing!
  11. Even 30-something moms need a mom every once in awhile.
  12. Even though I will need 10 bottles of #5 to clean up #1, #2 and #4 after cleaning up #8 for the tenth time today, I wouldn't change any of it. Why? Because out of it, I got the most beautiful drawing created by my oldest son. It's more beautiful than any Picasso. Isn't it perfect? Anyone beg to differ with this Mama? I didn't think so. :)
What have you learned today?
Kierieosity Korner is a new feature here at Potamus Prefers. The name was inspired by my youngest son's nicknames, Kierie or Kierbear, just as Potamus Prefers was inspired by my oldest son's nickname, Finleypotamus.