Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Not Time That Ages Us, It's Kids

I was lamenting to my sister via e-mail how I will never sleep again. My 2-year-old has figured out how to climb out of his crib. He greeted me in the kitchen this morning with a smile. Imagine my shock since I thought he was still sleeping soundly in bed. This weekend we are triple baby proofing (even more so than now). His brother is a master mimic so I surely don't need two toddlers climbing out of their beds on two ends of the house during the night.

It's true, I may never sleep again. I remember when the boys were really small babies and my mom friends and I would wonder aloud when we'd all get to sleep through the night again. I used to think after they were about a year old, then I thought maybe when they are 18, but now I think I may NEVER sleep well again. And, is that a grey hair? I am pretty sure I see a couple new wrinkles that weren't on my face prior to April 2007 as well.

Anyway, my sister mentioned an old song by Lonestar called "Mr. Mom". Of course, I had to go listen to it and watch the video. Haha! Okay, I needed this.

So, next time hubby asks you, "What do you do all day while I'm at work?" you can offer to trade or just show him this video. It's the HARDEST job I've ever done for sure but, like I always say, it's the only job I know of that is totally worth all the worry and lost sleep.