Friday, May 15, 2009

Here Comes The Toddler!

My sister is getting married this weekend. I am excited and so very happy for her. I am also a tiny tad nervous.


Well, my adorable, sweet, precious, oldest son is going to be in the wedding. He won't actually be carrying the ring (thank goodness, I don't need that stress lol) but he will be "walking" down the aisle. I think technically his title will be cutebearer. He will be the one bearing the cute. hehe

Anyway, I am nervous because he's still a very cautious walker. Some of you may know that he's had four surgeries and is a little delayed in the walking department. He will walk holding your pinky like a pro and will take steps on his own but his preferred transportation method is crawling. He is a speedy pro crawler and could win an Olympic crawling event.

The first time I was in a wedding, I was older and able to follow directions. He's an energetic toddler motivated by Curious George, bananas and music. When they play the music for the bride to march down the aisle to, he will probably do his silly Curious George dance.

The photos in this post are of me in my oldest sisters wedding when I was around five years old in the 70s:

Cute, huh?

Soooo... the reason for this rambling post is to ask for advice. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep him calm? I don't think he'll stand still once we get to the front. I am curious if anyone else has had a small child in their wedding or had their own small child in a wedding. I am a bridesmaid so my husband will be available to step in if need be. I look forward to your advice and tips. Have a nice weekend!