Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkins, Parks, and Ponds

Ok I wrote this post Tuesday morning but had trouble getting the slideshow to work so, finally, here it is! I figured I better get it posted since I already have a bunch more photos from more park visits and fun for a post and don't want to get toooo far behind!

Finally, we have had some nice, cool weather here in Texas so we have been enjoying it. This weekend was the boys half birthdays! Finley turned 18 months on Saturday and Kieran turned 6 months on Sunday.

Saturday evening we went to the pumpkin patch at one of the local churches and let the boys play on the pumpkins and enjoy the cooler weather. It wasn't quite as cool as I like it Saturday but by Monday it was marvelous (and still is)! Yesterday, we went walking around the neighborhood and to the park twice. Finley loved looking at the turtles and squirrels and all the pretty scenery. He also practiced his walking on the fishing pier while holding my hand. He is getting more brave. He wanted to do it over and over again. The boys also loved the swings and Finley learned to climb up on the slide and go down by himself (he climbed on his knees). I think we will be at the park a lot this week.

I am looking forward to Halloween on Friday night. I hope the boys are comfortable in their costumes. Finley isn't a fan of hats so I hope that stays on long enough for a photo! lol I am really hoping this nice, cool weather stays until then and that the mosquitos are not a problem.

Here is a slideshow of photos we took at the pumpkin patch and park. Enjoy! (After the slideshow, there are a couple of videos).


Lórien said...

So stinkin cute. And 6 months - HOW is that possible???

Christina said...

Did he let go of the railing and walk to you? I hope you have your camera ready when he finally does decide to walk!!!!