Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Weekend Bites The Dust!

Wow, the weekends go just too fast! We had such a great time with Daddy and Mommy. Saturday we went out of town so that Daddy could help Grandmommy and Papa Ted and Grandmo and Papa Lowell clean up more after Hurricane Ike. There was a lot of damage at their farm. Here are some photos taken not too long after the storm came through. It only shows a part of the damage. They have a lot of lost trees, too.

Finley helped out inside since he is a Mosquito magnet. He "organized" Grandmo's drawers for her. How sweet, huh?

Finley and the Calamine lotion had a little run in... Mosquitoes LOVE him no matter what we try. It didn't deter him from his organizing, though!

Hrm, does this hard square one go with those hard round ones?

Feed me, I'm cute! (Kieran did what he does best, look adorable)

Sunday we watched football and folded laundry and did stuff around the house. Here are few photos of the "excitement" lol!

Blowing kisses?

Hanging out in my Bumbo chair!

I'm none too pleased that the Texans lost!

But I choose to be happy anyway!

What's for breakfast, Mommy? Put down the camera and serve us some grub!

Wonder what we'll do this week?

Have a great Monday everyone!


jennifer said...

talk about some cute boys!!! maybe we can meet in person soon!

Lórien said...

Well look at you! I love all the pictures - your boys are so cute! Keep em coming :-)

Lindsey said...

Wow... the damage looks terrible but that plot of land is GORGEOUS!!! That's something those of us born and raised in Southern California can't even imagine! Only traffic and track houses. Oh and I love that black and white chair!