Friday, December 4, 2009

Mama Tuck, Mama Tuck

I had to share this... It made my day!

Earlier today, I was preparing Finley something to eat for lunch while he was in the playroom with the door open. The playroom is attached to the kitchen (altered dining room). He was in there happily playing with his trains. I was pouring his milk when I heard something that sounded like "tuck". I thought he was saying truck because he was playing with the trains, cars and trucks. A few seconds later he says, "Mama tuck, Mama tuck". He didn't sound upset and it didn't sound urgent, but since he is speech delayed, I always go immediately when he calls me and makes an effort to communicate. I walked in there and about fell out laughing. Not only was he indeed "tuck", (aka stuck) but he took the time to pose for a quick photo. Instead of walking around to the other side to play with his lined up trains, he crawled over.

Gotta love that boy! Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

LOL What a cute story!! jenprincess88 at aol dot com