Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recap From Birthday Weekend... Part 1

This past weekend was a big one for our family. Finley turned 2 on Saturday and Kieran turned 1 on Sunday. It was a busy busy weekend, but I think the boys had a blast. Kimie came from out of state for the festivities and we had lots of family visiting all weekend. We started with a birthday eve lunch at Luby's with the boys. They had a cupcake (they told me they needed practice for the big cake eating show on Saturday at their parties) that Finley thoroughly enjoyed digging into. I have so many photos and updates from the weekend that I am going to break them up.

Before we went to Luby's, we went to the park and tried to get the boys their 1 and 2 year photos. They were not having it! I think they were ready for lunch. With little ones, there is such a small window of time where they are either not hungry or sleepy or just wanting to play! I'll post some photos from that exciting session soon (the best one of the two of them can be seen in the previous post).

This post though is as all about the practice cupcake!

"Does he get that whole cupcake? I want some!"

All mine!

I'll eat my bib if he won't share!

It's just you and me, Mr. Binks.

Cupcake facials are all the rage!

Cheese! (See the proof that he DID have some cupcake?)

Brother swears by cupcake facials, but I'm all about spaghetti sauce facials... Makes the skin smooth!

The last two pics were from Friday night when Kieran tried spaghetti for the first time. He loved it, of course!

More to come soon!