Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Baby Boys!

Dear Boys,

I cannot believe you two are growing up so fast. It seems like last month that you were born, Finley, and it feels like last week that you were born, Kieran.

Finley, it just doesn't seem possible that you will be 2 tomorrow. You have been through a lot in your short life but you are always smiling and learning and brightening my day. Mommy is so very proud of you. You are such a good big brother and your smile and happy feet kick shows everyone the joy that bubbles out of you. I look forward to playing "Wheeeere's Finley?" every morning with you. I watch with glee as you assemble your puzzles, explore the world and make sure all of the doors and baby gates are shut (as they should be). I love you with all my heart.

Kieran, wow you will be 1 on Sunday. You are such a big boy! I hope you love your cake this weekend. Who am I kidding? What food don't you like? I love you, baby boy. You are such a sweetie and every morning when I go into your room, your sweet smile and eye scrunch (along with your little hoppy dance) starts my day off on the right foot. I love how your spikey baby hair is starting to grow longer and you are looking more and more like a big boy every day.

Your daddy and I love you two with all our hearts. We hope you enjoy your birthday parties tomorrow.