Monday, January 12, 2009

I Heart Etsy - Shelly Schwartz Studios

I love Etsy.

This Christmas season I wanted to find different, one of a kind presents for those on my Christmas list. Unfortunately, I figured out how cool Etsy is a bit late to buy all my presents there this Christmas. I think I will be using Etsy A LOT in the future. One cool thing is all of the cool handmade items. Another thing I love is that there are so many work at home moms (WAHMs) on Etsy and I love supporting other moms.

I will be doing a few posts on some Etsy faves in the near future... Here is the first.

Obviously, my boys nicknames are Finleypotamus and Kierbear. I am all about personalized stuff but was having trouble finding cute personalized ornaments I liked. Well, I came across an Etsy member that sculpts the most awesome, detailed works of art out of Polymer Clay. Her name is Shelly Schwartz and her Etsy shop is Shelly Schwartz Studios.

I sent her a custom request for ornaments for the boys (another thing I love... custom stuff just for you that no one else will have) and she and her daughter worked their magic. I told her what I wanted right down to the colors in the scarves. Her daughter, Kari, sculpted the adorable hippo and Shelly sculpted the bear (holding his own bear - how cute!). I was in awe at the detail when they arrived. They are signed too. This is definitely not something you will find mass produced and they can be handed down for years.

Look at these adorable guys...

Well, after the awesome service I received from Shelly, I just had to have her make another ornament for me. She went really above and beyond on this one. I decided at the last minute, a week before Christmas, that I wanted this because a figurine I had ordered from another site was a no-show. My husband and I have an inside joke about goat figuriness that goes back for several years. In short, every year I get him sort sort of goat figurine for Christmas. Shelly sculpted this adorable daddy goat with his two baby son goats to depict my hubby and my boys. I nearly cried when I saw it in person. It's just so perfect. And, the price for these custom pieces was AMAZING. Well worth the money I paid.

See? As beautiful as they are in the photo, they are even more special in person.

These ornaments are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out Shelly's website for more of her amazing art. You can even get your own pet sculpted in clay.

I highly recommend Etsy (and Shelly Schwartz) for your next gift giving occasion.


Cindy said...

Those are adorable!

Jennifer said...

Those are SO CUTE! I love the scarf on the Finleypotamus, those colors rock!