Friday, January 30, 2009

Hoover Vacuum Contest at Mom Dot... Vote Now!

Update: Thanks to all of my great friends I WON! I am so excited. Now who wants to donate a maid service to come use it for me? lol Thanks so much everyone!

Oh my gosh, please please please vote for me! I can win a Hoover vacuum. I entered a contest at one my fave mom blogs Mom Dot. Anyway, there is 24 hours to vote and I am one of the 20 finalists...

Just click here and vote for number 10. It's really easy to vote. You just click the dot next to it. I would sooo appreciate it. We could REALLY use a new vacuum with Mandy tumbleweeds everywhere! lol

Please share with friends if you want.

MomDot:Where the Blogging Moms Go

While you are there, check out Mom Dot. This is one of my favorite blogs and Trisha is a huge supporter of other bloggers.

If you vote, please come back and let me know in a comment so I can properly thank you!