Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finley Update With Video

As many of y'all know, Finley has been in Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) for a few months now working with a physical therapist and another ECI therapist. He has been doing so well in his walking. He now wears SureStep braces on his feet that he was fitted for a few weeks ago (with Curious George on them... yay!) and they seem to be helping with his balance and his feet. Here is a video of today's PT session. He was really doing so well and showing off. This corn popper toy offers no support but I think he thought it was helping him. He's showed no interest in it until recently. He has been walking so much more and spending lots more time on his feet. He grabs us by the hand almost all day and takes us around to show us things. Thanks for your prayers. He is still scheduled for an MRI and EEG in August but all of his blood work came back normal. Praise God!