Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Picture Of The Day #26 (And An Update)

Happy Tuesday! Here are a couple of photos from today. Mommy is loving that Finley's haircut is growing out where the curls are making an appearance again.

We hope you have been enjoying the daily photos. We have been super busy. Kieran is now pulling up to stand a lot and trying to grow up way too fast! The boys are having fun together learning new things. Kieran now has six teeth completely out and a seventh one halfway out. I can't believe they will be one and two in a little over two months. Wow!

I am in awe every day at how much they are learning and how smart they are. I look at Kieran standing there holding on with one finger and trying to let go and want to say, "Wait, what? You were JUST born!" I see Finley taking steps and am so proud of him. I see Finley stacking his colored rings, "driving" his car, doing the hiney honk (his favorite thing to do it seems) and showing his baby brother how to do things (both good and bad) and I am so proud.

Kieran's favorite show is Veggie Tales and Finley still LOVES Curious George. Mommy likes Curious George as well. Ever watched it? It's actually quite interesting. Kieran LOVES to eat and gets upset that he can't have everything his big brother can. Finley's new favorite food is fruit... he loves strawberries, bananas, orange, peaches and pears. I am so glad he likes a really healthy food in addition to all the crunchy foods he likes.

One of the cutest things Finley does these days is "hide" in the morning. Funny thing is, he doesn't really hide. When we go in in the morning to tell him good morning, we open the door and say, "Wheeeeere's Finley?" and then we look in the closet and under the dresser and behind the drapes and repeat, "Wheeere's Finley?" and he laughs and giggles and squeals. We then "find" him in the crib and say, "How did you get in there!?" He LOVES it. He then gives us happy hugs and more giggles. I look forward to this every morning.

Kieran loves his new trick of standing up and spends much of the day either standing up or up on his knees. He loves to watch Finley very closely and do the same thing brother is doing. He will be getting into something and I will say, "No no!" and he will give me this grin that looks like the Cheetos mascot. They are so fun and I love them so much...

I know I've been slacking on the updates (in words) but I have found that a picture is worth a thousand words.