Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PW Mom Weekend in Waco

It's amazing how people who have never met in person can form such a strong bond. I have been a member of a online support community for several years. This group is comprised of moms like me from all over the nation and even some from other countries. It has been such a Godsend to just hop online when I'm having an issue or I have a question and immediately getting a ton of replies with advice, prayers or other support. This community was especially important to me during the first year of my son Finley's life. He had three surgeries by the time he was 9 months old and had a bad bout with bronchiolitis last summer that also landed him in the hospital. These ladies prayed with me and sent their love and support just like my offline friends and family. Well, this past weekend Andrew, Finley, Kieran and I were blessed to be able to meet a few of these moms and their children. It was like we always hung out in person. It was awesome! Here is a photo of the mommies and their babies... L to R: Michelle with sons Lex and Ivan, Samantha and daughter Lennon, Marion (who along with her husband so GRACIOUSLY hosted us all in her house) with son Johnny (not pictured are her daughters Cianna and Myah who were great playing with the babies), Jill and son Becks, Me with Finley and Kieran, and, Jennifer with son Jack. These ladies are only part of the huge support group (all of these ladies are from Texas). I hope someday to meet more ladies and their babies in person. Here are a few other cute photos from the event (and a short video at the end... a friend has a better version of it. I only got the end of it because I was too busy snapping photos... Jack rode Finley across the room like that)...


Leslee said...

Shannon - That's so exciting you got to meet PW ladies! I miss PW a lot.

I am glad you and your family are doing so well!


Velia said...

I agree with Leslee. I have grown a deep friendship with moms from all over the US and outside. :) The support I received was amazing and I am happy that each one on our birth club moms walked into my life. It's nice to see all the babies gather around.